Helping you push the boundaries of modern silicon.

When off-the-shelf isn't an option, we seek to innovate solutions such that you can take on the challenges that matter.

Always on inferencing from as little as 75µA.

S1 Module.

Designed for efficient AI on the smallest edge devices. The S1 aims to simplify your design and save you months of RF HDI layout.

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Making heart research more accessible.

S1 ECG reference kit.

A powerful analog frontend combined with the S1 Module makes this an all-in-one kit to deploy and test algorithms with ease. Be that for learning, research, or as the starting point for your next product.

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Initiatives in STEM and space education.

Building Stockholm's first open radio telescope.

Along with volunteers and the science community, we are helping to advance STEM initiatives in the heart of Stockholm City.

As lead system integrators, we're working closely with the astrophysics community and educators to build something that hundreds can learn from. Come and visit the site in Frihamnstorget and join us in inspiring a new generation.

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