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We provide IoT ecosystems built on cutting-edge silicon. Once you buy our hardware, our open source tools will guide you the rest of the way.

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FPGAs just got easier

Bluetooth – FPGA – Battery management

The S1 Module is perfect for running efficient AI on the edge.

Simplify not only what you send to the cloud, but also your design with fully integrated RF, memory, and power management.

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Open source tooling

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Write FPGA applications in SystemVerilog and test them quickly over MicroPython. Once you're ready, develop a cutting edge Bluetooth endpoint that does exactly what you need, using our C SDK.

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A perfect example of what the S1 is capable of

S1 ECG reference kit

Making heart research more accessible

A powerful analog frontend combined with the S1 Module makes this an all-in-one kit to deploy and test algorithms with ease. Be that for learning, research, or as the starting point for your next product.

Open source, and now available from Digi-Key

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