S1 System on Module.

Bluetooth, FPGA, and Battery Management, all in one. Perfect for deploying hardware accelerated algorithms onto tiny form factor IoT devices.

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Bluetooth 5.2

Based on Nordic's nRF52, the S1 features Bluetooth 5.2 with extensibility for direction finding, and thread. With an onboard antenna, you don't need to worry about designing RF hardware for your product. Simply connect power, and the module will be up and running.

The S1 Module is designed for ultimate efficiency. The nRF52 runs your core application, and you will have access to a host of low power modes that can be switched on the fly.

nRF52 Specification

Battery Management

To reduce component count within your design. The S1 Module features advanced power and battery management.

Charge any single cell lithium with the built-in battery charger, and power your application with up to four user-configurable voltage rails, one of which features buck-boost conversion up to 5.5V.

With a high degree of software control, you can dial in your power requirements, as needed, on the fly.


Deploy hardware acceleration wirelessly with the S1 Module, and save on computation demand that would otherwise need to be done in the cloud. The built-in FPGA is perfect for real-time signal processing and machine learning workloads.

‣ 5k LUTs
‣ 8 DSP blocks
‣ 32Mb Boot / User Flash
‣ HF Osc / LF Osc / PLL

An extensive open-source toolchain available for the S1's iCE40 FPGA makes FPGA development easier than ever.

iCE40 Specification

IO Connectivity

Easily connect sensors and peripherals for your IoT application. Eight high-speed digital IO allows for fast interfacing, as well as several voltage rails for flexible power.

‣ 8 digital IO (supporting I3C / I2C / SPI)
‣ 2 analog inputs
‣ 5V Charging input
‣ Lithium cell input
‣ 0.8 - 1.8V LDO output
‣ 0.8 - 3.9V LDO output
‣ 0.8 - 5.5V Buck-Boost output


The S1 module is perfect for wearables or IoT devices requiring compact form factors. The small footprint allows easy integration into the tightest designs, saving engineers months of development around HDI and RF layout.

‣ 6mm × 12mm footprint
‣ 1.6mm thickness
‣ Tuned antenna
‣ Pick and Place safe

Footprint & Symbol Libraries

Open Development Kit

Available Soon on tindie.com

The S1 Popout is a development kit that breaks out all the pins of the S1 Module. There are also a few handy connectors to help you get started. Read More.

The Sparkfun QWICC / Adafruit StemmaQT I2C header lets you quickly connect sensors and prototype applications without any soldering.

QWICC Sensors     StemmaQT Sensors


The S1 and S1 Development Kit will be available from general distributors soon.

Available for order Q2 2021

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